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Explore Undiscovered Territories of Taste with La Juicy’s Exquisite Fried Catfish Basket

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You have had soggy fried catfish at home. Now, with La Juicy Seafood’s exquisite fried catfish basket, you have the chance to explore the deepest preserves of flavor. Experience the finest Cajun seafood boil in Paducah with French fries, sweet potato fries, or Cajun fries.

A Basket of Flavorful Sensations

La Juicy’s basket of fried catfish is a highlight of local Cajun cuisine. Our chefs engage in a distinct and decisive procedure to make the dish delightful and memorable. It is a threefold process.

Before, During and After Frying

La Juicy chefs pay special attention to the work before frying. The size of the fillet and the breading preparation determine the course of the dish. Our chefs do not fry the whole fillet, which is a rather clumsy approach. The fillet is cut into strips and thoroughly washed before breading.

Next, our chefs use a leavening agent for breading, which lends the traditional La Juicy crispiness to the bread. We apply two coats of breading for a better crust. There is a reason behind the layering. It ensures a thicker crust which is not brittle either. Also, the breading sticks better.

The ideal frying temperature is 350 degrees. La Juicy chefs are very particular about the use of oil. Furthermore, while deep frying, our chefs prefer not putting too much food at the same time. There should be enough room around each catfish while it is sizzling in the oil.

The crust, upon frying, turns golden brown. The final step, which involves slathering oil on the fried catfish, lends that exquisite mouth-feel to the dish. It is a critical job. Each catfish should soak just the right amount of oil. Misbalance can make the catfish soggy, rendering deep-frying pointless.

The Juicy Flavor of our Catfish

You expect a tasty delight at the most elegant shrimp restaurant in Paducah, which we are only too pleased to offer. With our fried catfish basket, you can expect a joyride through a broad scale of flavors.

Our fried catfish basket packs a scintillating blend of sweet, salt, dense and moist. You can pair it with our classic hushpuppies and enjoy a fest of flavors at a highly reasonable price. You can also substitute fries with onion rings. Whichever way you prefer, we are here to make it right for you.