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La Juicy Seafood Strictly Adheres to the Certified Safety Protocols of Seafood

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The seafood industry has had its share of allegations of compromised safety. At La Juicy Seafood, our team has been trained singularly on the significance of adhering to the safety protocols of seafood items. As a responsible business endeavor, our restaurant is keen to uphold the safety standards. We cannot compromise with the health of our cherished customers by any means.

1. Expert Handling and Cooking of Seafood

No raw food, especially seafood, is without bacteria and other related contaminants. Therefore, it is highly dangerous to cook food that has been left at room temperature for a long time. However, at the finest shrimp restaurant in Paducah, the logistical finesse of the team ensures no seafood is contaminated with foreign intrusions.

Our posse leaves no stone unturned to keep chances of cross-contamination at bay. Again, proper temperature control is at the forefront of our ventures. Our seafood is duly refrigerated below 40 degree Fahrenheit until ready to use. We stick to a separate internal temperature while cooking.

2. Flushing Out Common Seafood Toxins

Our expert team keeps tabs on the concentration of toxins in our seafood. Consider, for instance, shellfish toxins which are produced during algal blooms. Besides, the likes of ciguatoxin and histamine found abundantly in reef fish and un-chilled fish respectively, do not make it to your plate before being flushed out in the scanner. We also emphasize the significance of proper labeling.

3. Monitoring the Environmental Factors

By monitoring the environmental factors affecting seafood, La Juicy Seafood makes sure that your first Cajun seafood boil in Paducah transpires safely and soundly. According to noted experts, removal of skin and trimming the fat of fish may reduce the concentration of pollutants by around forty per cent. Accordingly, our team ensures that the process adheres to the recommended federal limits, thereby not upsetting the public health standards. Apart from that, we have been keeping tabs on the raging issues of rising mercury levels in seafood.


As mentioned at the beginning, the global seafood industry is no stranger to controversies as regards safety standards. In consequence, the seafood market today is more conscientious than ever, keeping in mind the stakes involved. At our establishment, our team strives round the clock to be acquainted with the ever-updating safety protocols. Indeed, we ensure no customer leaves our restaurant with a compromised health.